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Vocal Botany

Vocal Botany - Roswell Body Butter

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This beautifully fragrant body butter is decadently crafted with Babassu, Shea Butter, and indulgent plant-based oils that combine to give moisture, balance, and soften and protect skin during drier months. Although it glides over skin effortlessly, it still locks in moisture and leaves skin feeling refreshed. Roswell has a light shimmer and smells like airy floral notes grounded in warm vanilla and fresh-cut woods invoking an almost ethereal scent that is not of this world. Apply to skin as needed to moisturize and soften. This butter was formulated and handcrafted to include more of the luxurious oils and butters we love so you can actually feel the difference. Great for all skin types. * Paraben and Phthalate Free * Cruelty Free * Vegan