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Tilth and Oak - Virginia Beach

Thulisa Naturals-Orange Mint Shower Steamers

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Invite focus into your bathroom with these refreshing aromatherapy shower steamers.

Transform your shower into an aromatic spa experience with this exquisitely fresh scent of orange and peppermint essential oils, creating a revitalizing experience. With a clear mind, reduced fatigue and focused attention you'll be ready for a day of clarity and concentration with these uplifting shower steamers which pair well with our orange mint body scrub bars.

Taking time for self-care as a woman, mom or business owner is hard enough. These shower steamers help you elevate the most quick and basic of showers into a mindful restoration before going back to your to-do’s.

Each giftable box contains 4 shower steamers. Each shower steamer tablet lasts approximately 2 showers.

All shower steamers are vegan, are made with ethically sourced ingredients and oils and are 1 inch in diameter, the perfect size to prevent wastage while enjoying every last bit of your aromatic ritual.