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Three Sisters Apothecary

Three Sisters Apothecary Autumnal Tome Gift Set - Gravenstein Apple & Clove

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Fall is here so treat yourself and indulge with Three Sisters Autumnal Equinox gift sets. Three Sisters Apothecary® Autumnal Seasonal Tome is a complete gift experience. Each edition has an aged, embossed cover, printed in decadent metallic tones. Turn the page to discover the seasonal inspiration behind these decadent fall, Three Sisters Apothecary formulations.

Each set comes complete with a 6 oz sea salt scrub, 4.75 oz bar soap, Lip soother, 4 oz Body Butter and a collectible Enamel Pin. Discover additional seasonally themed treasures within each volume.

Three Sisters Apothecary Gift Tomes are the ideal choice combining the best of their bath and skincare offerings. Each Gift collection is thoughtfully and sustainably packaged in an attractive gift book. These seasonal tomes are the perfect solution for your gifting needs.

Aromatic Gravenstein Apple blends with warm cloves, Shea Butter, natural botanicals and gentle base oils to create a fragrant and rich product to cleanse, nurture and soften skin.

Precious and ephemeral, Gravenstein Apples were first planted by Russian settlers at Fort Ross in 1820. These heirloom symbols are a local treasure and a rich part of Sonoma County’s history. Dark and spicy Clove, a trusted Ayurvedic herb, is rich in minerals and vitamins that promote skin health. Together with Lemon Balm and Calendula, these botanicals soother surface issues and nourish delicate skin.

Tilt and Oak also offers a Three Sisters Autumnal Tome Gift Set in Mission Fig & Honey scent!

This gift set includes:

1 - 4.75 oz Bar Soap
1 - 4 oz Body Butter
1 - 20 oz Bath Salt
1 - 0.5 oz Lip Soother
1 - Enamel Pin in either our Harvest Moon design or our spooky fall Cauldron Crow design.
1-  A collection of seasonally themed surprise swag.