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Rainy Morning Candles

rainy morning candles - Queen Beach Snap Bar Wax Melts

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A sweet pineapple fragrance, floating on an ocean breeze. (With a little RBF)

Made with a Soy Blend Wax (Approx. 52% Soy/48% Paraffin) for superior hot throw and scent retention

Highly Scented + Long Lasting (Snap Bars can last up to 60 HOURS!)

Handmade with love in VA

Rainy morning wax melts are made in small batches, so appearances may differ from the product photos. Slight color changes and off-center labels may occur but these do not affect the quality of the wax melts.
Each wax melt is ~ 1.75 oz
Please read the warning label before using. Follow all safety guidelines when using our wax melts.