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Pinup Coffee Co.-Cold Brew Ground Coffee

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Pinup Coffee Co is a specialty coffee roaster driven by our passion of coffee and craft based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

From the Pinup Website: Our cold brew blend is roasted and blended fresh, it's not just any "leftover coffee blend" you might see elsewhere. It has a medium-heavy body, rich notes of chocolate, a pinch of dark caramel sweetness, with just enough brightness to provide a complex cup for black-coffee-only drinkers.

You can also brew it hot! (It is coffee, after all!) When brewed as pour over, you'll pick up dark chocolate brownie notes, a medium-heavy body, slightly earthy aroma, and deep caramel, crafting a dang-near perfect cup for everyone to enjoy.

Cold Brew Tips:
Use a coarse grind and fresh, filtered water.
Steep at room temperature for 14-24 hours.
Filter and refrigerate after brewing. Enjoy for up to two weeks!