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Nathan Fyffe

Bootleg - A Rum-Running Card Game by Nathan Fyffe

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Bootleg is a gorgeous card game featuring the fast-paced life of a rum runner in historic, Prohibition-era America. The alcohol is all gone, and it is up to you to give the people what they want! Challenge up to four of your friends as you each race to collect enough sets of booze to satisfy the populace of a roaring American city and catch a sweet ride to get there. Just remember, the first one there gets the business while the others get caught! Use your connections with the crime families and famous gangsters to sabotage your opponents and bolster your own operation. And if you’re feeling lucky, your whole situation could change with the roll of the dice using the exciting underground casino cards!

This simple to learn, competitive game for two to five players is a great way to liven up any game night. No two games are ever the same as you strive to pull off the most profitable bootleg operation each round!

How to play you tube video from Oak Lounge Games link here!

Made in Virginia Beach, VA