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Give Grace Candle Co.

Give Grace Candle Co. - Catharsis Candle

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6 oz. candle. 

A blend of warm amber, brown sugar, and earthy fig that creates a calming atmosphere. A light scent that travels far with complex notes of greenery and delicate undertones of vanilla.

Notes: Brown Sugar, Fig, Warm Amber, Green, Musk, Vanilla.

Best suited in smaller to medium sized living rooms or bedrooms.
Natural blend candle.

Candle Care:
  • Trim your wick to 1/4" before each time you light it. 
  • Place your candle away from any flammable items, and make sure to keep it within sight. Keep away from children and pets. 
  • Allow your candle to burn until it reaches the edges of the jar. This will prevent any tunneling and allow for the best performance.
  • Do not burn your candle for longer than 4 hours. Burning candles in this manner can allow your flame to become too large and will result in more soot and a faster burn time. If you notice this happening, extinguish the flame, straighten your wick, and allow the candle to cool. Then trim and relight your candle.