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Your Tea

Your Tea - Happy

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"Wise man knows that happiness can’t always be found in viral videos. A wise man knows it may be found in getting back to basics. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, our digestive system connects closely with our mood – with the gut often being referred to as the second brain. For emotions to be light, the digestive system must have the capacity to digest foods as well as emotions. ‘Happy’ includes the beautiful Mei Gui Hua (Flower Of Rose) accompanied with warming Wu Long Cha (Oolong Tea). This blend is rounded out with zesty Ning Meng (Lemon), invigorating Gou Qi (Fructus Lycii), and the leaf and stem of Hong Cha (Black Tea). Wise things: our MILD range inner packaging is biodegradable, the outer packaging is recyclable and teabags are made from organic cornstarch (GMO-free and biodegradable).