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Confident Girls

Confident Girls Bath Bomb-Sweet Pineapple

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Sweet pineapple tropical bath bomb fizzy bath soak or shower steamer. These large round bath bombs are a hypnotic blend of fresh, sweet island pineapple that allows you to escape to your favorite vacation island if only for a few minutes. Inspiring and uplifting to the senses and packed with plant-based ingredients that leave your skin soft, subtle and glowing. 

Kid friendly and adult approved these bath bombs come in two sizes so you can order both and save one for the bath and one for the shower or foot soak. Their spinning, fizzing and foaming action are not only fun in the bath but also contain amazing skin benefits that help to moisturize and hydrate the skin. When used as a shower steamer you receive the aromatic benefits that uplift and invigorate the mind. 

Did you know that avocado oil contains helpful vitamins and nutrients like potassium and lecithin that are absorbed into the skin and assists with new skin cell growth as well as skin cell renewal? This is why ingredients in your skincare is so important!

These non-staining sweet pineapple bath bombs are fun, colorful and large. Relax and unwind with handcrafted bath bombs that are made in small batches to guarantee freshness!