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Confident Girls

Confident Girls Bath Bomb-Lemongrass Citrus

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Luxury aromatherapy citrus lemongrass bath bomb for an uplifting bath soak. This bath bomb is everything that you ever needed and wanted. Packed with plant-based ingredients and invigorating scent that wakes up your senses.  Complete relaxation as you submerge yourself into the foaming and fizzy waters of your tub. Rich is nutrients and minerals this handcrafted bath bomb nourishes and moisturizes the skin as you relax.

Aromatic and uplifting this bath bomb is perfect for your evening self-care routine and even better when gifting. Great for bridesmaid proposal boxes, bridal shower gifts with cute messages and appreciated by new moms who need an at home spa style retreat. 

These non-staining donut bath bombs are fun, colorful and large. Relax and unwind with handcrafted bath bombs that are made in small batches to guarantee freshness!