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Common Good

Common Good All-Purpose Cleaner, 16 oz - Bergamot

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Plant-powered surface cleaner that's tough on dirt and grime without the harsh chemicals. Works fantastically on all non-porous surfaces; tile floors or walls, counter tops, or porcelain. Scented with bergamot essential oil. This essential oil extracted from cells inside the rind of the bergamot orange, is known to have calming and uplifting properties.

Hardworking Natural Ingredients

No harsh chemicals: No ammonia, chlorine, or other suspect ingredients. 100% pure essential oil scents.

Gentle: Mild ingredients specially formulated to use in your home.

Hardworking: Cuts through grease and grime without the harsh chemicals.

Eco-friendly: Cleans tough surfaces without harming air or waterways.

Packaging: Refillable packaging to use 83% less plastic.

Ingredients: Water, decyl glucoside, potassium carbonate, citric acid, potassium hydroxide, gluconic acid, essential oil.

Vegan and not tested on animals